Achieve More, Live More - Flagship Career and Life Reboot Programme

A feeling that life is passing you by?  Not sure what you want?

You may be feeling stuck thinking “OMG is this it for the rest of my life!” and, perhaps with the added pressure of needing to provide and contribute for your family, feel that you can’t take any risks;


Feeling that your Career and/or your life is just Drifting along with no real sense of purpose or achievement, wondering what it's all for is a sentiment I can fully understand having been in that exact situation a few years ago.

If you are fed up with your current situation and not sure what to do or where to turn, or have some ideas but lack the confidence and/or the strategy to get you there, then this programme is for you!

Neil, one of my recent clients, had this to say about working with me:

“I'm feeling really good and there’s no doubt that working with you was a great help to me.

Concentrating on family and home life has really put things in perspective.

Work doesn't feel as overwhelming as it did just 2 or 3 months ago.

Overall things are going well, I'm really pleased I made the choice to come and see you.

Goals are being ticked off, loan paid off, reading plenty and bedrooms prepared for decorating!

I appreciate the help you've given me; it’s made a real difference to my mindset and my life”.


Listening to my clients and drawing on my expertise in Career and Life Coaching, Operational Management, Leadership Development and Human Resources, as well as my own experiences of a career that was not all plain sailing and times in my personal life that impacted on my quality of life and health, I have developed this life changing programme.


Here’s what my “S.H.I.F.T.  Career Reboot and Life Transformation Programme” could do for you:


  • Get Clear - Understand what makes you tick, who you are and what you really want

  • Stop Getting in Your Own Way - Uncover what might be unconsciously sabotaging your efforts to achieve the career and lifestyle you have been dreaming of

  • Discover - the 5 pillars that will support you to success

  • Create - the ideas and a clear plan that describes the steps you need to take

  • Develop Yourself - Improve your skills and build confidence so that you can make the most of the opportunities available to you, as well as create them.

  • Build Resilience - Learn strategies to handle set-backs and stressors

  • Stay on Track - Ensure you maintain your momentum and take real action

  • Access to a Confidante - Me by your side to hold you accountable for your actions, support you every step of the way & celebrate your successes

This Programme will be available again shortly.

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S.H.I.F.T Career & Life Reboot Programme
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