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Change is pretty constant in today's workplace - downsizing, upsizing, new processes, new systems, new team members, new products & services, new markets etc.,

  • Are you a New-to-Role Manager or Emerging Leader feeling like you're "in at the deep end" worrying about how to manage your team and the workload?

  • Are you a seasoned leader who has reached a plateau or is struggling to get results through your people?

  • Are you an HR Leader or MD who wants to support individuals to develop the skills and behaviours to create thriving teams and grow business?

Through my own career I have been, and supported others, in all of these situations.  New processes and products come and go, as do the people. 


How well an organisation's leaders, and the people they lead, communicate is at the heart of success

As I facilitate my workshops we discuss "What are the skills required to be successful at/in....?"  


Inevitably one response will be "a good communicator"; when asked what that means, participants talk about being a good listener, being clear, good body language, use good questions - all of which are true. 


To really excel in leadership I believe that you also need to be able to communicate well with your inner voice, develop empathy, emotional intelligence, assertiveness, be influential, create credible and compelling messages and much, much more.

My workshops help leaders, managers and supervisors reduce wasted time, improve productivity, handle challenging situations, engage their teams, be more confident and enjoy what they do, through skillful communication.

***Available as in-house workshops or as 1-2-1 fully supported personal development programmes***. 

All workshops can also include a package of 1-2-1 or group coaching hours to

support the transfer of learning into the workplace 

Workshop Topics:


  • Nurture Potential, Raise Performance with Coaching & Feedback Skills

  • Handle Difficult Conversations & Conflict Situations with Ease

  • Styled for Excellence - the 4 intelligences for Communication that Get Results (CQ, EQ, LQ, OCQ)

  • Team Talking - Build, Develop & Motivate Your Team

  • The Art of Communication when Managing Change and Leading Implementation

  • Powerful Presentations

  • Hold Meaningful Meetings

  • From Advert to Appointment - Create the Messages and Enhance Your Skills so you can Successfully Recruit & Select

  • Say No to Workload Stress & Time Stealers! 

Every Organisation, Every Employee, is Unique that's why I ensure that my support is tailored to your exact requirements and the results you expect

Find out How I can Help

Whether you are contacting me for yourself or on behalf of an organisation, let's spend some quality time together exploring what you would like to achieve and the best way(s) to get you there.

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"I attended the training yesterday, which was very well received by all, and it was evident that all the attendees found value in the content of the workshop, and took comfort in how professional and empathic Michelle was in the delivery of the individual sessions, that had happened previously"

"Useful, interactive and enjoyable course"     "Lots of new techniques to try"     

"Good range of taught information and activities"

"Usefulness of the workbook, brilliant knowledge provided, loved the practice afternoon – really demonstrated techniques and how they could be used"

"A really positive session, made me think about all options available to me and I came out with some practical things that I can do too"

—A Sample of Client's Feedback

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