How to Get the Job You Truly Want

Is this You?

Do you want to find a new job, perhaps feeling the pressure of needing to secure a new role quickly, whilst making sure it’s the right move?

Perhaps you're not sure if it is a new job you want - interim work, freelancing or setting up your own business appeals?

Whether you find yourself on the job market through choice, redundancy or some other reason, searching for a new opportunity can be exciting, but the work required to land your perfect role can be daunting, time consuming and exhausting.


And, if it’s some years since you were last looking for work, there’s getting up to speed with how the job market works now too.


Here’s what some of my recent clients have told me:


  • “If I don’t move now, it will be too late!  I’m 48 with 2 grown up children and a partner who seems quite happy to just bumble along.  Life is passing me by, but the thought of going out to the job market, selling myself….. Would anyone want to take me on at my age….where do I start?”

  • “I know I’ve stayed in my current position for too long but it’s been a good company to work for and I’m respected and comfortable in my Head of Sales role. Now, I’ve been made redundant and I know the cushion of redundancy pay is not going to last forever. With family to support I want a new role I can be happy and successful in, before the panic of being out of work takes over!”

  • "I'm not sure if I'm cut out for anything other than being an employee but I really don't understand the in's and out's of other options and how I'd go about getting work that way."

  • “Where on earth do you start – I keep hearing about the “hidden job market” and that I must have a perfect LinkedIn Profile  this is all new to me”

  • “It takes so much time to find the vacancies I want to apply for, making applications and then to keep following up. My family are getting fed up with me job searching all the time, they’re supportive but I know I’m no fun anymore.  I feel despondent and fed up with the whole thing”

  • Will anyone to take me seriously. I’ve only ever worked in this industry and I want to do something different”

You're in the Right Place

I can appreciate how this may feel; A few years ago I found myself “on the job market”.  I had chosen to take voluntary redundancy from a Senior Human Resources role within financial services.   The first day of my new chapter arrived; yes I felt excited but also a little overawed by the freedom and choices that were suddenly in front of me.  In the following months I went through waves of sheer joy and utmost despair as I tried to navigate my way to a new working life that I would be happy with.  I decided to train as a coach and, coupling this with my expertise in recruitment and career development, have gone on to help many professionals land new roles and change their working life for the better.


Working with me you get a perfect mix of mentor, coach, trainer and confidante.  My clients have appreciated the focus, challenge and support I provide, to help serious job seekers stand out in the market place and secure their next role or to move confidently into working for themselves.

Don't Just take My Word for It

Gaynor's Story

"Michelle has enabled me to transform my life! Landing interviews for the roles I thought were my dream jobs and not securing them left me disillusioned. Searching for a career and interview coach to help me land that ideal role, I came across Michelle. She has been a combination of a coach, friend and confidante. I find it so easy to talk to Michelle. She has amazing listening skills and a fantastic ability to ask incisive questions. She helped me identify my career motivations and the roles that appeal to me, as well as improve my interview skills. Within a month of meeting this extremely talented career coach I secured my ideal role. Michelle's guidance and support gave me the confidence boost I needed. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Michelle and would suggest to anyone considering a career move to speak to her."

Gaynor G, Operations Executive

"How to Get the Job You Truly Want" Coaching Programme

Here’s what working with me will do for you:


  • Clarify exactly what you want out of your next career move

  • Understand what you have to offer and how to market this for best results

  • Know how to create your winning CV & Cover e-mails/Letters

  • Nail your LinkedIn Profile so Headhunters and Recruiters come to you

  • Know where and how to look for new opportunities

  • Get the most out of Networking

  • Improve your skills and build interview confidence

  • Perfecting Interview Presentations and other Assessment Centre Activities

  • Develop strategies to handle set-backs, make the most of your time and ensure you keep family/friends on side too

  • Know how to negotiate a job offer

  • Create your plan to ensure you can "hit the ground running" and make some quick wins when you start your new role

This is how the programme works:

  • We start off with a Strategy Call so that we can review your job search goals, the aspects of the programme that you would like to spend more or less time on and uncover any blocks/barriers that you perceive. 

  • We'll create your plan and agree the number and frequency of coaching calls you need to cover the content of your programme (max 12 hours). 

  • During the course of the programme I will be critiquing your CV and LinkedIn Profile and providing feedback.  We will work together on revisions to these to ensure that they are the best personal brand sales aids you need for the type of work you are looking for.

  • As we work through your programme, we'll agree the actions you will take before our next call to ensure we keep you on track.

Tailored Support is also available if you are considering: 
Interim work, Freelancing, Setting up a Business or a Portfolio Career. 
Simply click here to book your free Consultation to discuss how I can help

This is Not for You if.....

  • You are not prepared to put the work in and take action

  • You cannot commit to regular coaching calls (UK Evening and Saturday Morning Appointments are also available)

My 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

If you sign-up for the “How to Get the Job You Truly Want” Coaching Programme and after the first session feel that it is not what you were looking for, tell me and I will give you 100% of the money you have paid back.

I cannot, of course, guarantee that you will land your dream job by the end of the programme - market forces, availability of suitable roles and your personal circumstances will all influence this.  However, if you complete all of the modules, are prepared to go deep with your thinking, are prepared to be challenged and take all of the action required, you put yourself head and shoulders above the vast majority of the job hunting competition.

Book your FREE "Moving on Successfully" Call and I'll gladly answer any questions you may have.  We will also decide whether I and this programme are the right fit too .

Not sure if the full Programme is for you? 

I offer a standalone "Winning CV & LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Package" and a "Pick n Mix" Option.

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What have you got to lose?

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