Winning CV & LinkedIn Personal Brand Programme

Are you applying for jobs and not getting interviews?  Perhaps it's been some time since you had to look for work and your CV Writing skills are out-of-date or non-existent?  Is LinkedIn a mystery?

I want to start by being up-front.  I do not write CV's or LinkedIn Profiles for my clients.  I provide you with the coaching, skills and know-how so that you can create your own CV's and Profiles that are authentic and enable you to secure interviews and make connections that support your career path.

As a Career Coach with a Recruiting and Human Resources Management background, I not only support job seekers but also work with managers and organisations as an interview panelist and assessment centre designer and facilitator.  I understand what is required for candidates to be noticed.

Your CV & LinkedIn Profile Personal Brand Programme includes:

  • A review of your current CV against the requirements of a specific opportunity that you wish to apply for, or your all-encompassing CV from which to use information for future tailored CVs and applications.  (If you do not have a CV I will ask you to put together a CV before we start the programme)

  • A coached feedback session of the findings of my CV Review (up to 90 minutes via Phone/Skype/Facetime).  This ensures that you not only receive information to strengthen your CV but also learn ways to create your CV for future job moves too

  • A Second Review of your CV following updates/amendments to it, with written feedback via e-mail

  • A Review of your Current LinkedIn Profile/LinkedIn Profile Creation Coaching Session (up to 90 minutes via Phone/Skype/Facetime)

  • This service is totally tailored to you and your career goals

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I contacted Michelle as I wanted to apply for a job in a sector I had not worked in before and for a larger employer.  Michelle helped me understand what the employer was looking for and techniques that would help me stand out, alongside improving my CV massively.  I also learnt how to present myself better and how to answer questions using techniques that the interviewers would be looking for.  I would 100% recommend Michelle, she was fantastic to work with, really helpful.  I feel that without her help I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have.  

Dan B Contracts & Sales Manager

I have good news to report! I'm just coming to the end of my first week in my new role. I've landed a big Commercial Controller role.  It's a good move for me on many levels, getting back into the Top 4 Grocery arena...improving my work life balance by being based in an office much closer to home & earning a little bit more than I was!

James C, Sales Executive

"Working with Michelle has been an absolute pleasure. To be honest, I was relatively skeptical at first because of my previous experience with other CV coaches. My perspective rapidly changed after our initial call as she confidently explained her approach. I used to take my achievements for granted and Michelle helped me find the words and confidence to articulate them in a positive way. Her sense of humour and listening skill make the sessions very pleasant and comfortable as she creates a space where you are able to remember your forgotten achievement.  I would highly recommend her services to any one who needs support with their CVs and wants someone who will help them express their accomplishments,"

Emmanuel N, Project Manager, Construction Industry

Thank you Michelle this is really helpful and easy to understand. 

Lisa B, Police Officer

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