Is Work Affecting Your

Mojo, Health or Confidence?

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It's time to stop feeling exhausted, stressed or constantly worrying about a tough situation at work.  Workloads, difficult people, crazy hours, feeling undervalued, facing redundancy, team management and no progression are common complaints of my clients.  You can handle this and I'm here to help you:

  • make sense of it all 

  • find the strength and confidence to deal with this

  • develop the skills and strategies to solve the problem(s) you face 

I know how difficult it is when you need someone to help but work colleagues, friends or family either don't understand or you don't want to share what's going on. 


How would it feel to have a confidante to support you and act as a sounding board?  Someone with coaching, management & professional skills development, mentoring and HR expertise, together with real life experience, for you to tap into?


100's of Managers and professionals from all sectors have used my  "Career SOS Solutions, Tailored for You" service to help them take confident, decisive action and solve their working life problems.  Each programme is exclusively designed for you and your situation with session(s) via Zoom/Teams/Skype at a frequency to suit you.

Jane was off work as it had taken its toll on her health.  She was desperate to find a way of getting back to work, to restore her confidence, and feel that she was in control, not only of her workload but also her career.  She was fed up of being

under valued and "put upon".  

Jane found the courage to have the challenging and difficult conversations necessary with her boss and has since found a new role with a new company.

"I decided to work with Michelle who helped me immensely and, has allowed me to start moving forward again.  I cannot praise or recommend Michelle highly enough for her encouragement and support and the positive outcome I've now had from it" 

My own career was peppered with episodes of stress, frustration, a boss that I couldn't seem to do anything right for, workloads that made any form of life outside of work difficult and numerous restructures that saw me having to reapply for my job and manage redundancies.  In hindsight I let situations fester for too long not really noticing the impact on me or the people around me until on each occasion, I'd reach my "enough is enough" and have to do something -  take action for the sake of my health, my relationships and my sanity.


—Beth F, Teacher

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Career SOS Totally Tailored for You Coaching

Programme Pricing :


 - 2 hour intensive £174

 - 4 hour package £328*

 - 6 hour package £457*

*You choose the duration and frequency of each session to meet your goals

*Pay by installment options are available

Michelle really helped me to build my confidence during a difficult situation that I was struggling to cope with. She taught me some very useful coping strategies and helped me to understand why myself and other people behave the way we do. She also provided a welcome shoulder and ear! Thanks to Michelle I have been able to move forward in many areas of my life and I am very grateful.

Beth F, Teacher

Work is an important part of life,

don't let it take over your life

It's time for you to step up, tackle the problems you face head-on and enjoy work and life again.

*Appointments subject to availability: weekdays 8.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m and Saturdays 9.30 a.m. - 11.30 a.m.

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