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Is Work Affecting Your Mojo, Health or Confidence?

    Do you get the Sunday Evening Blues?      Do any of these situations sound familiar?

  • Sleepless nights & dreading having to go back to work tomorrow

  • Just existing and wanting more - perhaps a significant birthday is looming on the horizon

  • Zero Work-Life Balance - All work and no play has made you a dull Jack/Jill

  • Lacking confidence to deal with difficult people or situations

  • Fed up of being unsupported and under valued

  • Facing Redundancy and worrying whether you'll get another job

  • Overwhelmed by your workload and the pressure is weighing you down

  • Your boss is making life difficult

  • Ready to move on but not sure how to make that happen


These are just some of the situations I have helped leaders, managers and professionals to turn around, to take back control and thrive again.


My own career was peppered with episodes of stress, frustration and feeling trapped. Eventually, I'd reached my "enough is enough" and had to take action for the sake of my health, my relationships and my sanity. I am here to help you do the same.  It's time for you to step up, tackle the problems you face head-on, create your amazing future and live a brilliant now. 

I strongly believe that work is only part of who we are and I specialise in working with you, the person, the human inside your job title.  Our inner critic has a lot to answer to.  Take back control and work with me to develop the mindset and the skillset to make the changes you want, to happen.


The rest of your life starts right here!

Jane's Story:

My Client Jane was a Training Manager currently off work as it had taken its toll on her health.  She was desperate to find a way of getting back to work, to restore her confidence, and feel that she was in control, not only of her workload but also her career.  She was fed up of being under valued and "put upon".  

During our time together we identified what was really going on for her and her aspirations.  We kick-started her motivation, looked at what was important to her and her life moving forward and identified ways she could improve the situation in the short term whilst working towards her longer term career plan.

Jane found the courage to have the challenging and difficult conversations necessary with her boss and has since found a new role with a new company.

"I decided to work with Michelle who helped me immensely and, has allowed me to start moving forward again.  I cannot praise or recommend Michelle highly enough for her encouragement and support and the positive outcome I've now had from it" 

If you've reached a crossroads, wrestling with frustrations, not sure what to do next and just know that this situation cannot continue, I can help. 


You are unique; You want to work confidentially with someone who can help you:

  • make sense of it all 

  • find strength and build confidence 

  • create ways to solve the problem(s) you face 

My "SOS Solutions, Tailored for You Coaching" service means that you have access to my Coaching, Leadership Development, Mentoring and HR Expertise.  I create a totally bespoke programme designed to get you where you want to be...(and help you work out where that is, if you don't know!)

With Pay-As-You-Go and Package Options, I ensure you only pay for the support you need.

Ready to Take Action?

Please contact me to discuss your situation and find out how I can help

Michelle really helped me to build my confidence during a difficult situation that I was struggling to cope with. She taught me some very useful coping strategies and helped me to understand why myself and other people behave the way we do. She also provided a welcome shoulder and ear! Thanks to Michelle I have been able to move forward in many areas of my life and I am very grateful.

—Beth F, Teacher

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